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PRODUCTS \ LAN Products \ Switches 10/100Mbps
16 Port 10/100 Switch
16 Fast Ethernet Ports in a Pocket Sized Switch!
The New SW160010-D is a desktop/pocket Switch featuring 16-Ports 10/100 autosensing......
16 port 10/100 Desktop/Rackmount Switch
16-Ports in a Desktop or Rackmount - you choose!
The New SW160010-DR is a desktop/rackmount Switch featuring 16-Ports 10/100 autosensing. It might be......
16 Port 10/100 Switch N-Way Rackmount

The SW160010-R switches are easy to use plug and play devices with self learning capabilities for efficient data traffic routing.......

24 Port 10/100 Rackmount Switch
24-Ports 10/100 in a slim 1U Rackmount design.
The ever popular SW240010-R is a 1U slim rackmount designed Fast Ethernet Switch with internal Power Supply
5 Port 10/100 Switch
You`ll never get a better priced full Switch than this!
The SW50010-D is a full Ethernet 10/100 Pocket Sized Switch with 5-Ports 10/100 Autosensing. Other advanced features......
5-Port Desktop, Fast Switch
Do you need a low cost, ultra-compact Fast Ethernet Switch to expand your
Business or Home Network with the piece of mind of a Lifetime Warranty?
The totally new SW50010-M 5-Port......
8 Port 10/100 Switch
The SW80010-D is a full Ethernet 10/100 Pocket Sized Switch with 8-Ports 10/100 Autosensing. Other advanced features not normally seen at this low price point is a seperate `Stack Port` for attaching......
8 Port 10/100 Switch (Metal Case)
Industrial design with exceptional performance!
The new Dynamode SW80010-M is a full featured 8-Port 10/100 Autosensing Switch in a high quality metal enclosure......
48-Port Fast Ethernet High-density Switch
Introducing the cost-effective solution for increasing network
ports in reduced enclosure form factors.
Offering truly excellent per-port......
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