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NEWS \ The new, low cost 2.5” backup Disk Caddie – for Windows and MAC

Dynamode is the number one vendor in the disk caddie arena, offering 2.5” and 3.5” Disk Enclosures. Listening to what customers have been asking for, Dynamode is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the USB-HD2.5SI-1. Offering both SATA and IDE interface within its enclosure, the device can accept up to around 750Gbytes of internal Hard Disk storage. Differing from previous units, the USB-HD2.5SI-1 also included a 1-Button backup facility, which when configured by the user, allows specific directories and/or files to be backed up or Restored without the hassle of loading a software utility program. A stylish design, pocket sized and powered by the supplied USB cable allows true portability now and in the future.

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